(( L U N 3 SY )) (lunesygraphics) wrote,
(( L U N 3 SY ))


lost a bunch of contests lately, but i don't mind it at all... try and try and try and try. besides, i wasn't at my best. (ugh... how cocky... XP) i'm still new in this icon business thing.

so here are the losers from femme_icons, screen_sirens and i_variety respectively, plus annabella sciorra and angelina jolie.

1.Congratulations! ...Just kidding. 2.host @ Photobucket.com 3.host @ Photobucket.com
4.host @ Photobucket.com 5.host @ Photobucket.com
school's almost here. can't wait! lol. this was the crappiest summer ever.
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