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if you'd like to request an icon (or banners, but for sampling let's make use of icons), LUNESY GFX is open for the job! let's say that you have a picture you'd like to use, let's say, a picture of you (or in this case, me)...

then turn it into this...

then simply email me at ashmonkey . tonk @ gmail . com

orders are absolutely free and comes in a week.

1. send in what you specifically want. color scheme, text you want to be shown
2. send in the picture and don't just tell me, "i want an icon with johnny depp in it."
3. credit would be nice. just a simple "thank you lunesygraphics!" would be nice.
4. icons come in 100x100 and banners in 400x200 only. so the picture you're going to send me is preferably bigger than those dimensions.
5. request only up to 3 icons or 1 banner a week.
6. request quota is only up to 5 people a week.
7. service using a previous icon found in L.GFX and only changing the text is currently unavailable.

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