(( L U N 3 SY )) (lunesygraphics) wrote,
(( L U N 3 SY ))

Terms of Usage

1. this is not much, but if you want to use my icons/banners, please add lunesygraphics first. it's not much to ask, huh?

2. if you used my icon, please input the keyword: "~lunesygraphics". if you used my banner or its template, please add to the image tag, alt="from ljCOM/~lunesygraphics".

3. since photobucket is uptight with their bandwidth and all, i'd really appreciate it if you didn't steal my images and proclaim them your own.

4. in relation to no. 2... absolutely... positively... unquestionably NO DIRECT/HOT LINKING!!!!!.

that's all. simple, huh?
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